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The best family lawyers ensure clients do this

The best family lawyers ensure clients do this

Our family law team consider one of the important aspects of our work is to help people make decisions that are not just sound from a legal perspective, but also emotionally and financially. The best family lawyers are not going to blindly lead a client down a path that is against financial or accounting advice.

Something that often comes up when we meet with family law clients is the desire to hang onto a particular asset. Often it is the family home.  Sometimes keeping the home is not affordable or a financial adviser recommends against it. 

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Using techniques the best family lawyers gain from Mediation and Collaborative law

What do we do for family law clients in that situation?

Skilled family lawyers don’t rely on skills designed only for the courtroom.   The best family lawyers will use techniques gained from Mediation and Collaborative Divorce to assist you to tell us what we need to know, to help you make decisions.

The technical term for it is to explore a person’s interests. But it’s sometimes more useful to use analogies.


best family lawyers - tree roots

I like to describe it instead as a tree.

The thing that you really desire is the tree. It’s the part above the ground that can be seen.  It’s like the canopy of the tree seen in the main image on this post.

But the root system of a tree is enormous to hold it up.

The roots here are the underlying fears, desires, hopes and dreams that hold up the tree.

So, when someone is attached to keeping the house (the tree) what are the fears, desires, hopes and dreams below that (the roots)?

It might be the need to maintain community, fear of losing support from neighbours, needing help on the school run, worry about getting back into the property market, a desire to maintain what the children have known as their home. Sometimes the deep roots can be fear of losing the last piece of the relationship and not being ready to move on.

There is no one size fits all.

Solutions need to be considered which address those underlying roots, to help you establish your better future.  

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Your future is more than a number on a piece of paper. The best family lawyers know this and will support you to make decisions that secure your future.  Contact us to make an appointment with one of our Brisbane family lawyers.

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