What is Divorce Hub?

We understand that your separation is one of the most difficult, life changing events that you will experience.

Your divorce and the issues you face during and after separation are unique to you.

Divorce Hub offers you a tailored plan to help you not just to survive, but to thrive during and after your separation or divorce.

We understand that you may need a lawyer to help with a property settlement, money and parenting, and we can help with that through Divorce Hub Legal, but we also know the issues you are facing are not just family law issues.

Separation is a life event, not just a legal issue

There are legal and practical day-to-day changes that happen when one household becomes two, and parents live apart.

Our clients going through separation or divorce often describe these other concerns:
• Emotional struggles which affect your happiness
• Financial concerns which may affect your lifestyle and your ability to support your children (if any) and which sometimes require a return to work or a change in career
• Social changes which will bring you closer to some friends and family and on some occasions mean saying goodbye to others
• Self-care and physical ailments which arise from you not prioritising your own wellbeing

Thrive...beyond divorce

Divorce Hub offers divorce support services to help you to not just survive, but to thrive during and after your separation or divorce.

Our divorce support team offer a range of services including:
• Practical information about separation including planning for separation
• Counselling and support
• Financial planning and budgeting
• Estate planning
• Relaxation and wellness e.g. Pilates, yoga and a variety of relaxation and de-stressing treatments

Your Divorce Support

You will be paired with a support person who will help you navigate your divorce, to achieve a successful and happy life during separation and beyond.

Your support person will meet with you to discuss your unique, individual needs, and tailor a plan to help you thrive as you navigate your separation.

Contact us to learn more about the divorce support services offered by Divorce Hub Brisbane and Gold Coast.

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