Divorce Coaching Packages

Divorce Coaching Packages

Be Empowered with Expert Support

Move through the separation and divorce process with LESS EMOTION and MORE CLARITY.  

Be empowered to make important decisions for your future without the destructive influence of stress and emotional turmoil. 

With the support of a Divorce Coach, a healthy divorce is possible. 

You've reached your limit and just want to move on, but don't know where to start?

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Our CDC®  Certified Divorce Coach, Marg Dohertycombines empathetic guidance with practical advice to help you establish a clear vision of what you want to achieve during the divorce process and beyond it.

Divorce Coaching Packages

Our divorce coaching programs address the varying challenges you might face as you navigate the dissolution of your relationship.  

From assisting with the initial decision to separate, providing expert guidance throughout the divorce process, to helping you set goals for a bright new future, there is a divorce coaching package that can ease the stress of this life-changing event.  

Here’s what we offer. 

Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Duration: 4 fortnightly sessions  

Who is this for?: You’re seeking clarity around the future of the marriage. This program aims to help you move beyond indecision and take charge of your future. 

What we’ll cover:  

  • The central issues of the marriage  
  • The marriage’s strengths and weaknesses  
  • Each partner’s expectations of marriage – do they align?  
  • Is there willingness to change on both sides? 
  • Expectations and preparedness for separation  
  • Goals and dreams for the future.

Planning to Separate​

Duration: 4 fortnightly sessions  

Who is this for?: You’ve decided to separate and need practical guidance and a clear plan for what to do next. 

What we’ll cover:  

  • Creation of a practical plan forward  
  • Finances  
  • Consideration of children and parenting  
  • Emotional strength and resilience  
  • The legal process  
  • Telling your spouse  
  • Telling your kids  
  • Dealing with guilt and resolve  
  • Identifying possible negative fallout. 

Managing the Initial Shock of Separation​

Duration: 4 weekly sessions  

Who is this for?: You have recently separated or are planning to. You’re looking for a proactive approach to handle the emotional overwhelm and prevent conflict from escalating. 

What we’ll cover:  

  • The process of grief  
  • Dealing with the fallout  
  • Understanding your reactions  
  • How to focus on your children  
  • Managing the reptilian brain (the primal fight/flight response) 
  • Managing conflict 

The Business of Divorce​

Duration: 2 sessions per month for approximately 6 months or as agreed  

Who is this for?: You’re looking for ongoing support from a qualified divorce coach who can guide you through each step of the divorce process. 

What we’ll cover:  

  • Changes to your lifestyle and social networks  
  • Negotiation techniques  
  • Communication techniques  
  • Managing conflict  
  • Working effectively with and managing your legal support  
  • Getting a fair outcome  
  • Focusing on your financial future  
  • Supporting you through the legal process  
  • Facing your emotions  
  • Accepting the separation  

Creating a Happy and Successful Future

Duration: 2 sessions per month for approximately 3 months or as agreed 

Who is this for?: You’re coming to the end of the divorce process and want tailored mentoring to help you make the most of this brand new chapter of life. 

What we’ll cover:  

  • Your goals for the future  
  • Focus on how to reach your goals  
  • Leaving the hurt behind  
  • Developing independence  
  • What love looks like the next time round (if relevant)  
  • Loving yourself  
  • Avoiding the mistakes of the past 

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