Family law information and resources

There is a vast quantity of family law information available both published and on the internet. Some of it is well researched and reliable - some of it is a little dubious in origin.
We have compiled below some information sources that we are confident you can rely on in relation to navigating separation, parenting and family law

Because it’s for the Kids – Building a secure parenting base after Separation

Kids and Divorce: 13 Things Kids want Parents to know (link to full article) By Isolina Ricci, Ph.D.

  1. We need to know you love us, will protect us, and won’t leave us.
  2. Listen respectfully to our questions and opinions even if you don’t agree.
  3. Accept that we need a lot of time to adjust even when we don’t show it.
  4. Keep your arguments to yourself. We don’t want to see them or hear them
  5. Keep us out of the middle of your stuff with the other parent. We are just kids.
  6. Don’t ask us to spy, pass messages, or take sides.
  7. Give us a chance to talk with kids who are also going through this.
  8. Help us express our feelings and coach us on how to manage them.
  9. Give us space and time to grieve the loss of our old life at our own pace.
  10. Help us get organized for going back and forth. Be patient.
  11. Please confide in people your own age. We can’t be an adult or a spouse.
  12. Tell us we aren’t to blame for your problems and it’s not our job to fix them.
  13. Show us its OK to love and want to be with both of you.

Mom’s House Dad’s House

A highly respected, practical book about post-separation parenting. Versions are available for parents and children and there is a Kindle edition

Responding to high conflict communication using the BIFF Response Method (Brief, Informative, Friendly and Firm)