How Our CDC Divorce Coach Can Help Your Client

Securing the best settlement for your client is your number one priority – but this can be challenging when the client is making decisions from a place of emotional overwhelm. 

A CDC Divorce Coach can help. 

We provide emotional support so you can focus on the law

Dealing with emotional clients is part of the job – but it may not be what you’re best at or where you’re needed most. You’ve been hired for your legal expertise and to obtain the best settlement outcome possible for your client. Our certified divorce coach allows you to keep your focus there – whilst we provide your client with the emotional support and guidance they need to come out of their divorce having made smart decisions for their future happiness and wellbeing. 

Man with CDC divorce coach, leaving the legal firm to deal with the law

How our divorce coach can help you get a better result for your client

Our certified divorce coach is uniquely positioned to provide your client with empathetic support, confronting the intense emotions so common in the aftermath of a relationship breakdown.  

Divorce coaching enables your client to work through complex feelings including anger, fear, guilt, and hurt, and ultimately move beyond these emotions in order to gain clarity around what they want and need for their future. Divorce coaching allows your client to make important decisions about their divorce without the influence of negative emotions. 

From the unfaithful spouse who is poised to accept an inequitable settlement out of extreme guilt, to the devastated partner who wants to take their ex for everything, a divorce coach can mentor your client through the hardest emotions so that they don’t make decisions that will haunt and hurt them well into the future. 

What if my client has their own life coach?

There is a time and place for life coaching. However, the life coaching industry lacks regulation and there is no guarantee that a practitioner has any experience with the emotional complexities of divorce or navigating the legal system.  

A certified divorce coach is trained to deal with the difficult and often universal challenges of separation and divorce. It’s a specialist service for one of the most stressful life events a person can experience.  

Meet Marg, Australia’s most qualified CDC® Certified Divorce Coach®

Marg Doherty is Divorce Hub’s CDC® Certified Divorce Coach. In addition to this qualification, she has over twenty years’ experience supporting the legal industry and over ten years’ working around family law teams. 

Marg can offer your clients empathetic support along with practical advice that is underpinned by sound legal knowledge. Having experienced divorce herself, Marg understands the challenges of a relationship breakdown on a personal level, too.  

Marg is an integral part of Divorce Hub’s support team. However, her divorce coaching services have been designed to operate independently and seamlessly alongside any legal team or family lawyer. 

Marg Doherty Margaret Fitzsimons

Discreet and valuable support for your clients

Could a divorce coach empower your client through their complicated divorce? Marg is available to offer divorce coaching around Australia via online conference.

Get in touch to discover how our divorce coach can work alongside your team to provide specialised emotional support.