Why use Mediation?

Family Mediation gives you control over your family law matter.
You get to make decisions about your future, not a family court judge.
You get a chance to put on the table what is important to you.
You get finality instead of Family Court delays.

How does the Mediation process work?

An experienced family law mediator helps you reach agreement over half a day or a full day.
Family Law mediation has a great success rate of keeping matters out of the Family Court or resolving them if they are already in court.

The family mediator is a neutral third party.
They will not take sides and will not make decisions for you.
They will assist you to generate and explore options for resolution that work for both parties.

family mediation room

Do we have to be in the same room at Mediation?

You may be in the same room, or in different rooms.
Often, we start in the same room, and during the process, move to separate rooms.

Your family lawyer and the mediator will talk with you about what will work best for you.

If safety is a concern for you, we will make arrangements for you to be and feel safe so that you can participate.

Will I have a lawyer with me at Mediation?

That's up to you!

We will talk with you about your situation, what you would prefer and what you can afford.

If you decide not to take a family lawyer with you,
we will help you prepare as much as possible and can provide you with sample court orders to take with you

family law mediation agreement Family Lawyer Brisbane

Is family Mediation legally binding?

No. Mediation is a voluntary process.
No-one can force you to agree to something.

When your family mediation is finished, if you reach agreement, we can make it into a legally binding document.
If you are already in Court, then that document is lodged with the family court and your case will be closed.

If your family law matter is not in Court, then we will file consent orders
and you will never have to set foot in the Family Court to finalise your property settlement or parenting matters.

How do I organise family law Mediation?

If you have already been invited to family law mediation or family dispute resolution, contact us for a fixed fee consultation with one of our Brisbane family lawyers.

We can help select who the best family mediator will be for your family law matter.

If you are looking for a family law mediator, Jennifer Hetherington holds a Graduate Diploma (Family Dispute Resolution Practice)
and is a Registered Family Dispute Resolution practitioner.

Jennifer is also a family law mediator for Untying the Knot, a fixed fee family law mediation service.