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How do we tell our children we are getting a divorce?

It can be hard to know what to tell your children after separation – whether you get on well with their other parent or not.

We have compiled some resources we hope will assist you – and your children – through this time.

Information for kids about divorce and what to say to them:

8 Tips on telling your Kids you’re getting a divorce

How to tell your children you are separating

An age-by-age guide for talking to kids about divorce

Tips from the Family Court of Australia

Explaining divorce to young children

​There are some great Sesame Street short videos with Abby Cadaby explaining Divorce and talking about some of the things young children worry about like
“Is it my fault my parents are getting a divorce?”

​Whilst not specific to separation, Headspace may help your teenager deal with the myriad of issues they face. Kids Helpline can assist younger children.
If a Family Report is to be prepared in your case and/or you have been ordered to attend a Family Consultant, this video helps your kids know what to expect

Explaining divorce and family law to children

Kids often have a lot of questions when their parents have a family law case.

These links may answer some of them:

Explaining divorce to 5-8 year olds

Talking to 9-12 year olds about divorce

Discussing divorce with teenagers

Has an Independent Children’s Lawyer been appointed? Make sure your children know what that actually means

Books and websites about parenting after separation or divorce