Meet Our Family Lawyer Specialists in Brisbane

Our specialist Brisbane family lawyers are resolution focussed. We want to help you reach agreement, not start a war.

Get in touch to find out how to progress your family law matter to a resolution without Court.

We offer fixed fee family law consultations with a specialist family lawyer in Brisbane at our comfortable, inviting and secure Milton office close to Brisbane city. For clients outside of Brisbane we conduct meetings via secure video conferencing or we can meet you in our Gold Coast Office.

Depending on the complexity of your matter, and your financial circumstances, and your personal preferences, we will allocate the most appropriate member of our family law Divorce Hub Legal or Divorce Hub team to meet with you.

Prepearing for your appointment with a specialist family lawyer

You have a lot of questions.
We are going to need a lot of information to be able to answer those questions and give you specialist family law advice.
When you have made an appointment, we will email you a confirmation email, and a list of information we need from you.
You will find your family law advice meeting more useful if you do the following before you meet with us:

Complete our Online Questionnaire.

This provides us with important information about the history and background of your matter,
for our specialist family lawyers to read before we meet with you.

This makes your first meeting with us much more productive and means you don’t spend the time available trying to remember information.

We can, instead, use that time to give you tailored, strategic family law advice and answer your questions.

After you complete it, you will also receive a personalised family law information pack.

Read through our Frequently Asked Questions page.

It has lots of background information and answers to some of the questions our specialist family lawyers are asked the most.

Starting there may provide you with answers to some of your questions now, as well as prompting you to ask more after reading the information.

Our Brisbane Family Law Office Location

Our Brisbane office is located at 321 Milton Road, Milton, just outside of Brisbane CBD, on the corner of Torwood Street, near the tennis centre.
We offer privacy, comfort and support. There is plenty of street parking.