Online Divorce Coaching Australia

Online Divorce Coach Australia

Feeling overwhelmed about the end of your marriage?  So many questions?  No idea where to start and every step feels so impossible?  Divorce is life-altering. Making important decisions during such a tumultuous time is incredibly difficult, it’s almost impossible to see the situation with clarity, let alone make smart choices, without emotion. The decisions you make during the divorce process can significantly impact your future. Getting them right without the influence of negative emotions like anger, guilt or fear is crucial.  Divorce Hub goes beyond the legal side of untying the knot.  We offer an online divorce coach service across Australia, or in person sessions in Brisbane, on the Sunshine Coast or Gold Coast.  Our goal?  To give you the clarity, and information you need to achieve a fairer and more peaceful divorce outcome.  Feel supported, feel confident, most of all – feel better.

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Looking beyond the “rage-coloured glasses”

A complex emotional response to separation and divorce is normal. However, decisions made from a place of hurt or anger can significantly impact your future happiness. What is the true cost of responding emotionally during a divorce? 

Emotional response: Intense feelings of anger and rage can cause you to seek revenge via the divorce proceedings.  

The result: An unnecessarily upsetting, drawn out and expensive divorce. Irreparable damage to the relationship with your ex which is especially traumatic if you share children. 

Emotional response: Overwhelming feelings of shame and guilt lead you to agree to an inequitable settlement and/or custody arrangement. 

The result: Ongoing financial stress. Limited contact with your children.   

These are just two examples of how responding emotionally during divorce can have a lasting impact on your future. 

So how can you stop emotions from taking the wheel during such a stressful and often devastating time? 

Be Empowered with a Certified Divorce Coach

With the right support, a healthy divorce is possible.  

Think of a divorce coach as a mentor, supporting and guiding you through one of the hardest periods of your life. Together, you’ll create a “divorce roadmap” that empowers you to make informed and rational decisions for your future. Simply meet your divorce coach online and she’ll answer your questions and give you the “next steps” – supporting you the whole way.

Meet Marg Doherty – Certified Divorce Coach, Australia

Marg Doherty Margaret Fitzsimons

Marg Doherty is Divorce Hub’s CDC® Certified Divorce Coach. It’s this qualification coupled with over twenty years’ experience supporting the legal industry and over ten years’ working around family law teams that enables Marg to provide our clients with a wealth of knowledge and truly expert guidance. Having come through a divorce herself, Marg understands the unique challenges of a relationship breakdown on a personal level, too. She offers empathetic support to clients, helping them look beyond the stress and overwhelm of divorce to discover the opportunities.  

There is a happy future beyond divorce – and Marg will help you find it.   

Divorce Coach FAQ

A CDC Certified Divorce Coach® must complete Divorce Coaching Intensive training, study, and coach practicums through the CDC College for Divorce Coaching®. It is the only Divorce Coach certification in the world and trains divorce coaches to the highest standard. 

A divorce coach can support you through the entire separation and divorce process – from deciding to separate, all the way through to transitioning into single life.  

We offer a range of divorce coaching programs to support you wherever you are on the journey.  

A divorce coach is ideal for anyone who is concerned that negative emotions may be impacting their ability to make rational and informed decisions during the separation and divorce process.  

Whether anger is derailing reasoned communication, or guilt and overwhelm are causing you to rush through important decisions, a divorce coach can help you peel back those complex emotional layers and focus on the most positive path forward – for you, for your ex, and any children you may share.

Your lawyer can assist you with all the legal aspects of your separation and divorce including offering strategic family law advice and preparing important legal documents.  

A divorce coach plays more of a mentoring role, helping you deal with the realities of divorce. They’ll help you to decide what you want from your divorce settlement and then help you achieve this with minimal conflict and overwhelm. They can support your transition into a new life, helping you plan for a future in which you can thrive. 

A life coach is not required by law to hold any formal qualifications so anyone can claim the title. Typically, they assist clients with personal growth and goal setting. 

A Certified Divorce Coach is trained in conflict coaching practices which specifically address the stress and emotional turmoil that getting divorced can create. 

Marg, our CDC Certified Divorce Coach, holds an internationally recognised certification in divorce coaching.

Divorce is recognised as one of the most stressful life events a person can experience. When a marriage breaks down, the emotional impact can be complex and devastating. A counsellor can help you identify and deal with those emotions. It’s not uncommon to see a therapist for several years to deal with the emotional fallout of divorce. 

Divorce settlements take around 18 months so it’s possible that you will still be dealing with strong emotions throughout the divorce process. A Divorce Coach can empower you to make smart decisions even if you’re not completely over your break-up. Divorce coaching is a specialised service designed to move you through separation and divorce in the healthiest way possible, prioritising your future wellbeing – and the wellbeing of your family.