Divorce Support Services

Supporting you through separation and divorce

Separation and Divorce Support

Divorce and Separation are about more than family law advice.
We understand that you are dealing with changes in your personal life which impact more than just your legal status.
We have developed a range of separation and divorce support services to assist you, so that you can thrive, beyond divorce.

Deciding to Separate

We understand that there is a lot involved in deciding to separate or stay in a relationship. Seeing a lawyer should not necessarily be the first step!

Leanne Bamford our separation and parenting specialist, can help you work through the emotional and practical aspects of your decision.

Planning to Separate

Once you have made the decision to separate, like anything important in life, you need a plan.
We will work with you to tailor a plan to your individual situation to ensure that when you do separate, you have taken all the important steps.
This ensures that when you do start to work with your family lawyer, you are ready to proceed.

Specialist Family Law and Estate Planning Advice

Legal advice might not be the first thing you think of when you separate, but you will need it at some stage.

Jennifer Hetherington, one of the founders of Divorce Hub, is an Accredited Family Law Specialist with over 20 years experience.
She and her team of family lawyers can provide you with strategic advice, whilst working closely with our Divorce Support Manager, to ensure that we are taking care of all of your needs, helping you make sound decisions about parenting and property settlement.

Our estate planning lawyers can make sure you have your family's future secured.

We can also provide a family law support person on days you need to attend court or mediation.


If it wasn't your decision to separate, then you may be really struggling with the emotions around that.

We can connect you with qualified counsellors or social workers to assist you to your new life as a single person and provide support during your divorce or separation.

Financial advice

It costs more to run two households than one - that's obvious. But the practicalities of how to do it, and how to secure your financial future, can be overwhelming.

Marg Doherty our Divorce Support Manager, can help you work out a budget that is realistic and takes into account all your ongoing needs.

Helen Russo can help you develop a financial plan for the future.
She frequently works with Jennifer Hetherington and our team of family lawyers to ensure that the way your family law property settlement is structured, is appropriate for your future needs.

Helen can also assist you to ensure that appropriate insurances are in place to protect you and your family in case of illness or incapacity to work.

Yoga and Meditation

The benefits of yoga and meditation for relieving the stress of our daily lives, are well established.
When you are going through a separation or divorce, you experience new and different stresses, which you have never had to cope with before.
Yoga is a wonderful way to not only de-stress from daily life, but to escape - in a healthy way - from the stress of the life changes you might be experiencing.

Helen Grant our resident yogi can work with you one-on-one and provide support in a calm, supportive environment.

Document assistance

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to have to sort through all of your documents and work out what is actually needed by your family lawyer.
We work with a sophisticated service which makes compiling most of the documents we need, simple and cost-effective.
For anything else your family lawyer needs, we can provide in-home family law support and assistance to sort through your documents, scan and collate them for your legal team.

Child support advocacy

Dealing with the Child Support Agency can be stressful whether you are a payee or a payer
Our child support advocate can assist you to navigate the child support system and ensure you are receiving - or paying - the correct amount.

Nutrition and exercise

If you are feeling like your glass is half empty, rather than half full, it might be time to look at your self-care.
Our ph360 Coaches can give you a personalised assessment and a detailed individual eating, exercise and wellbeing plan.

Mortgage broking

Not sure if you can afford to keep the house? Adam Bradley, Mortgage Broker, can help you assess whether or not you have capacity to borrow what you will need, and source the best home loan for your circumstances.

Relaxation treatments

We have a range of wellness and relaxation treatments available from qualified practitioners including Lisa Klemenc.
Clients often find these useful after meetings with the legal team or the day after court or mediation.

Concierge Services

Feel like you just don't have enough hours in the day for everything you need to do for yourself and your family?
We provide a concierge service to help you with the day-to-day or one off tasks that are making you feel overwhelmed, or you just can't get to, to support you during your separation.