How a Divorce Coach Works with Family Lawyers

Divorce coaching may be a relatively new service in Australia, but for people going through the challenging process of separation and divorce, it is proving life changing. 

The benefits of a divorce coach extend to family lawyers as well. Engaging our certified divorce coach to support and empower your clients enables you to focus on the legal process, and deliver a better, more efficient service.   

Divorce coach counselling female client - family lawyers can benefit from using a divorce coach

How can a Divorce Coach benefit my legal team?

Family law is stressful and the realities of divorce can be overwhelming. Understandably, clients may want to debrief about the emotional aspects of their divorce. However, it’s not the best, most efficient use of your billable hours. 

Our divorce coach acts as a mentor, supporting and guiding your client through the emotional overwhelm to find clarity on what they want for the future. This enables your client to instruct you from a place of logic and reason, and it gives them the confidence to make smart decisions about their settlement and any custody arrangements. 

About our Certified Divorce Coach

Marg Doherty is a CDC® Certified Divorce Coach, the internationally recognised certification in divorce coaching. She has more than twenty years’ experience supporting the legal industry, and over ten years’ working around family law teams.  

Extensive industry experience, specialist training, and a personal experience going through her own divorce means Marg is exceptionally qualified to provide a wealth of knowledge and expert guidance to her coaching clients.   

Working with our Divorce Coach

Marg’s divorce coaching services have been designed to operate independently and seamlessly alongside any legal team. Marg provides confidential, ethical coaching services that can significantly ease the stress for family lawyers and their clients. 

The process works as follows. 

  1. Identify client suitable for divorce coaching. 
  2. Refer client to Marg or give your client Marg’s details (we always check referral sources and complete conflict checking before working with your client). 
  3. Marg consults with client to determine if coaching is the best way forward, and if so, recommend the appropriate coaching package. 
  4. Confidential divorce coaching proceeds.

At what stage is it best to engage a Divorce Coach?

Our divorce coach can support clients at every stage – from the decision to separate all the way through to transitioning into single life.  

However, it’s ideal to begin divorce coaching before any crucial decisions have been legally finalised.   

Divorce Coach with a man. Family lawyers can benefit from engaging a divorce coach for their client
Photo by Timur Weber

Which clients are best suited to divorce coaching?

Anyone going through a divorce can reap the benefits of a divorce coach. However, divorce coaching is particularly useful for clients who are experiencing a high conflict divorce and/or significant emotional turmoil.  

For example, if your client is extremely angry or hurt, it may be difficult for them to make clear decisions about their future. Our divorce coach uses conflict coaching practices which specifically address the stress and emotional impact of the divorce process. They’ll help your client understand the realities of divorce and create a “divorce roadmap” that sets them up for a positive future.