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Don’t let your children be the casualties of your divorce war

Don’t let your children be the casualties of your divorce war

Family Law conflict harms children.

We all know that by now, right? Children draw and paint pictures which tell a thousand words about what is going on in their heads that they can’t put into words.

Two warring parents will hurt their kids whether they are married or in a family law conflict. So, staying together ‘for the sake of the kids’ can backfire and end up with children who have lived through conflict and a dysfunctional relationship.  But family law conflict hurts them too.

Kids do best when the conflict between their parents is low, and communication is high.

One really easy tip I tell my clients:

Text messages are for emergencies – not slagging for off your children’s other parent or communicating about important matters, unless you have a very good relationship

Send a carefully thought through email instead.

Give the respect you want to get back.

I came across this article the other day in the Huffington Post which I really enjoyed reading and recommend.

Whilst it talks a lot about mediation, which is great, it doesn’t talk enough about Collaborative Practice.

Choosing Collaborative Law (aka Collaborative Divorce) or Mediation, gives you the best opportunity to resolve and minimise conflict – which has to be better than engaging in combat and impacting your kids through family law conflict.

Conflict is not inevitable.

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