That’s the Final Straw, I am so Very, Very Done

Don’t let the final straw break you, we’ll help you carry the load. Plan and prepare for a more peaceful separation. Future you will thank you.

Book Your Separation Planning Session with our Divorce Coach.

    Is our Separation Planning Session right for you?

    • You’ve been tired of your spouse’s behaviour for a while now
    • You’re emotionally exhausted
    • You’ve run out of ways to try to make this work
    • You’re overwhelmed by the idea of untying the life you have
    • You’re worried about kids, finances, rebuilding…everything
    • You don’t know where you stand or what to believe
    • You’re scared of what’s next

    A simple, one hour consultation will help you find clarity on the next steps and help you make the smart decisions now, that will impact your relationship with your ex for years to come.

    Marg Doherty

    Meet Marg, Divorce Hub’s Certified Divorce Coach

    Marg leads a team of divorce support staff, here to help you get your plan in place, and see this process through peacefully and smartly.  Marg’s not only a qualified and certified divorce coach, but she’s also worked in family law for decades.  She’s also thriving, post-divorce. 

    What your session will cover

    Know what’s coming and get clarity on the best path through the separation and divorce process.  Your one-on-one, 100% confidential Separation Planning Session helps you to prepare not only for the legal steps ahead, but for all those ‘unknowns” that are weighing on your mind.

    • Get your next-steps plan in place
    • Learn what to do to protect yourself financially
    • Get clarity on co-parenting and navigating custody
    • Find out what to do FIRST to protect your share of the assets
    • Identify potential problems and negative fallout from the divorce
    • Know the emotional speedbumps coming, and how to prepare for them
    • Learn the legal process and what you’ll need to prepare
    • Get help telling your spouse, kids, family and friends
    • Most importantly, ASK. Ask all those questions cluttering your thinking, so you can feel confident that you’re handling this process the best possible way

    Making the right decisions now will help you reach a favourable settlement and get divorced without regrets.  Divorce Hub does separation and divorce differently.  We’re focused on helping you thrive beyond divorce.

    Not Gonna Lie, Divorce isn’t Easy. That’s Why You Shouldn’t Go It Alone

    “Getting divorced was the best thing I ever did. I can’t believe I waited so long”

    What if, a year from now, you could be feeling calm, even, happy?  What would your life look like then?  What would your kids be feeling and saying, if they were living the life you dreamed of for them? 

    What if two years from now, you could look back and wonder why you didn’t do it sooner?  What if five years from now, the whole marriage and divorce process was simply an unpleasant memory?  

    You may be surprised to learn that many of our clients say that divorce was the best decision they ever made.  Why? Because we focus on making your divorce process as peaceful as possible, even if your ex is high drama.  The key to “happily ever after” is minimising the damage right now.  Making smart decisions.  Acting with clarity. Being smart about each step.  Putting aside the emotional damage to act with confidence.  And that’s what Divorce Hub does differently.

    No two divorces are the same, and no single divorce is easy.  Even the most amicable break ups are stressful and emotionally tiring.  That’s why you shouldn’t go it alone.  Even the very best support from family and friends won’t give you the insights you need to navigate this process.