A Peaceful Collaborative Divorce - Yes, It’s Possible!

Divorce coach helping a man through the collaborative divorce process

A Peaceful Collaborative Divorce - yes, it can happen…with the right help

If you’re at the beginning of a divorce, chances are that there has already been a history of conflict and high emotions. When you decide to get divorced, it is often because you want peace, are already exhausted emotionally and spiritually, and want to start the healing process. This is possible with a support team around you to guide you through the process. A collaborative divorce coach should be on your team. 

How does divorce coaching work?

The good news is that you can achieve a peaceful divorce where decisions are made with good intentions for all involved. But even when the decision to divorce appears amicable, it is normal for you or your ex to experience strong emotions throughout the process – and the shared wish for peace can rapidly deteriorate. This is where divorce coaching can divert a disaster and keep negotiations on track.  

A divorce coach focuses on guiding you through the important decisions that will arise throughout the process, ensuring you are making wise choices for your future, without negative emotions clouding your judgment. 

But what if you’re already working with other support professionals such as psychologists or spiritual advisors? 

How collaborative divorce coaching offers the best support

If faith is important to you, you may have enlisted the assistance of a spiritual divorce coach. They can help you navigate the faith-based questions that may be of concern as you dissolve your marriage.  

In addition, you may be seeing a psychologist to deal with mental health issues. 

Add in a divorce lawyer and it may feel as though the last thing you need is another support person! But the reality is that divorce is hard, and support is vital.  

Collaborative divorce coaching works in tandem with your other support professionals, with each specialising in a different aspect of the process and your wellbeing. 

While Christian divorce recovery coaching can help address your feelings around religion and divorce, and psychologists can address emotional distress or trauma, neither have the professional experience or specialised training in supporting a person through the decision-making and legal proceedings of a divorce. 

Couple struggling with separation and in need of a divorce coach
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Is there divorce coaching for men?

For men, the societal pressure to be strong and stoic has made dealing with emotionally challenging life events harder than it should be.  Thankfully, norms are shifting. Both men and women are starting to turn to life coaches, spiritual and religious advisors, and mental health professionals during times of crisis.  

One of the newest support services available is a divorce coach for men. If you find your emotions are preventing you from thinking clearly about your future, a certified divorce coach can help you find clarity. Move beyond guilt or anger and focus on a legal outcome that enables both parties to thrive separately.  

Specialised support during your divorce

Navigating divorce is challenging for anyone and can stir up strong and layered emotions for men and women. A collaborative divorce coach is trained to work as part of your support team, building on the emotional work you’re doing with a psychologist or spiritual counsellor, and offering practical advice and specialised coaching that gets you to the other side of your divorce with minimal conflict and a bright future ahead.