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If you’re considering the services of a certified divorce coach, chances are that you’re going through one of the most difficult stages of your life. For this reason, it seems appropriate to introduce myself and provide a little background about what led me to seek out divorce coaching certification.

When I went through my own divorce many years ago, there was no real specialised support except for lawyers.  Lawyers are very good with the legal process or ‘business of divorce,’ but separation creates many other practical and emotional ripples which significantly impact on a family’s well-being.  I always thought there was more that needed to be done.

Why I became a certified divorce coach

For a decade now, I have worked with legal firm clients via my own management consulting firm, and over those ten years, I have become well versed with the legal world, and in particular, with the process of divorce.

After going through our own divorces at the same time, family lawyer Jennifer Hetherington and I created Divorce Hub as a holistic offering for people experiencing separation.  Divorce Coaching is the real missing link in the divorce process.  A certified divorce coach is specialised in divorce and understands the legal process as opposed to a life coach or counsellor. I am very passionate about divorce coaching.  If I can help even one person to walk an easier path than I did, it is worthwhile.

Divorce coaching certification PLUS lived experience

Coaching divorce may seem like an unusual career path, but when I consider the last twenty years of my life, this job is the culmination of everything I have learned and lived through, both personally and professionally.

I went through my own divorce nearly 18 years ago.  I was involved in a very complex, protracted, and traumatic parenting matter which took many years to resolve.

When I first separated, I went back to full-time work in a stressful job as a senior manager driving an intensive change of management process in a mid-tier legal firm.  I also had a baby and a toddler and was juggling my own family law matter.  Eventually superwoman burnt out and I had to face the emotions and trauma and create a new life for myself and my two boys, who are now 21 and 17.

I understand the Australian family law process and have been working with our Divorce Hub clients in a support capacity since our inception in February 2020.

I am a Chartered Accountant by background so I understand the financial and business side of separation and have been in management positions for most of my career.  I’m highly skilled in managing negotiation and people.

My message to all divorcees

It may be tempting to stay in the relative comfort of denial, but if your gut is telling you that your relationship is coming to an end, don’t put off finding expert help. As your divorce coach, I can provide support and guidance from the time that you first begin considering separation.

Understand your rights very early on in the process and have a (just in case) strategy moving forward. Being aware of your options doesn’t mean you have to act on them. This preparation helps you avoid being blindsided and then responding emotionally. Instead, you can make well informed decisions from a calm and rational place.

Focus on looking after yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.  If you are a parent, you will be the best parent you can be if you are in a good place.

A better divorce, a brighter future

The divorce industry is going through significant and rapid change for the better. There are many caring, empathetic people in our industry who are driving better and more holistic options.  It is an exciting time to be part of the industry – and the opportunity to help people achieve a healthier divorce and a brighter future makes the role of the certified divorce coach more rewarding than ever.

We might meet at the worst time of your life, but with tailored divorce coaching, you’ll be heading somewhere infinitely better once we’re done. Let’s discuss the way forward for you. Get in touch.

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