Let’s talk about divorce stress.  Yes, it is a REAL condition….

Are you struggling to focus? Do small setbacks feel insurmountable? Do you feel like you could burst into tears at any moment? You’re not alone. It’s called divorce stress, and a lot of people in your position experience it on some level. It makes it hard to face the process ahead, but it can be managed and minimised – and we can help. 

What is divorce stress?

Divorce stress can be experienced by someone during and after separation and divorce. Divorce is one of the most stressful experiences that someone can go through because it impacts a person emotionally, financially, and legally. A divorce can create grief and loss in a person’s life – loss of support, hopes, companionship and so much more. A lot of change occurs in this time, and it can feel daunting and uncertain.  

Divorce stress can have many physical and psychological symptoms, including: 

  • Insomnia 
  • Withdrawal 
  • Decreased productivity 
  • Worry  
  • Loss of focus 
  • Hopelessness  
  • Panic attacks 
  • Back pain 

But it is important to recognise stress so that it can be managed. You can thrive beyond divorce.  

Womany suffering from loss of focus and productivity due to divorce stress

What are the common signs of acute stress?

We asked our Managing Director, Marg Doherty, how clients experience divorce stress. She noted that the most common sign of acute stress is feelings of being overwhelmed. You may also feel shocked if the separation felt more sudden or was decided by the other person. These anxieties are common and normal. In severe cases where emotional or physical abuse was involved in the relationship, you may experience trauma.  

What are some of the negative outcomes if you don’t get help with divorce stress?

Divorce stress is not something you can ignore. Marg explains: 

“If you don’t get help with divorce stress, your decision-making can be impaired.  You may lose sleep which impacts your ability to function normally.  Divorce stress impacts on your relationship with your kids, it impacts on your ability to fully function at work, and in general, manage your day-to-day life.” 

Divorce stress can make your life and your divorce process more difficult. 

What are some simple steps that make a positive impact?

Let’s start small. Self-care. Yes, it’s one of the first things we forget, but prioritising looking after yourself is the best way to deal with divorce stress. By caring for yourself, your mind will be in a better place when you need to care for your children. Start with finding ways to relax like acupuncture, aromatherapy, massages – even a warm bath.  Avoid caffeine, which can increase the stress response in your body. 

Don’t be afraid to accept help from friends and family, don’t try to do it all on your own. Try and exercise regularly, try mindfulness, mediation or yoga,  and have regular counselling sessions. Make sure you get professional legal and financial help.  

Above all these things, be kind and forgiving to yourself. Allow yourself the time to grieve and heal. 

A relaxing candle lit bath - self-care is good divorce stress management

How can divorce stress be managed?

Here at Divorce Hub, we offer more than just legal services, we are also here for divorce support. We can assist with your divorce stress by helping with different aspects of your life to make the journey more manageable.  

Learn more about our divorce support services or contact us. 

We are here for you

At Divorce Hub, we aren’t just a family law firm. We want to help you in every way we can when it comes to your divorce, with as much empathy as possible. We are aware of many aspects of your separation and have tailored our support services to address the many challenges of divorce stress. Contact us today to get started.

Disclaimer: This is general information. For specific legal advice, please get in touch.