Last week, we predicted that domestic violence would increase as a result of COVID-19 Coronavirus.

The Chief Justice of the Family Law Courts has come out saying that the Courts must stay open because of the likelihood of a Coronavirus related domestic violence spike.

We recently wrote about the Family Law Courts’ Coronavirus protocols.

However, it is the state courts which deal with domestic violence protection orders.

Domestic Violence plans from the Queensland Magistrates Court

The Magistrates Court has issued practice directions on how cases will be dealt with during the pandemic, including domestic and family violence related matters.

Appearances on domestic violence applications excused

If it is a police application the aggrieved does not have to appear.

Any party represented by a lawyer does not have to appear.

Appearances by telephone will be permitted.

Police Applications

Essentially, these will need to proceed by way of a Police Protection Notice and brought to the next callover.

Private Applications for Domestic Violence protection orders

Non-urgent applications should be posted to the Court.

If an application for protection is urgent, the application should request assistance from the Queensland Police to obtain an urgent order or issue a Police Protection Notice.
If Police determine not to apply for an urgent order or issue a Police Protection Notice, then the applicant must email their application to the Court (including email addresses and telephone contact details for all parties).

Email addresses for domestic violence matters in the Magistrates Courts

Brisbane Magistrates Court:

All other registries can be contacted by substituting ‘brisbane’ with the name of the Court

e.g.: Cleveland would be

What does this mean for Domestic Violence applications during the COVID19 Coronavirus pandemic

The best place you can go if you have an urgent situation, is Queensland Police.
They can make an urgent application on your behalf and/or issue a Police Protection Notice.
If they decline to do so, then you can email in an Application and seek an urgent hearing.

Domestic violence resources

In an emergency always call 000