Why Women STILL Come Out Worse Off From Divorce

Woman with divorce coach - a way for women to end up better off after divorce

Women STILL Suffer More Financially After Divorce

Divorce is felt heavily and equally by both parties while actively going through the process. Emotions are high, legal decisions can feel daunting, and the outcome can continue to cost the parties well into the future. 

Unfortunately, the financial impacts tend to be felt more acutely by women, typically because they are the primary caregiver to children, sacrificing or putting their career on hold to raise a family and run the household whilst their spouse’s career and earning capacity continues to grow. 

Why do women end up with less?

Society likes to say that men support women to stay home with the kids. But in fact, women support men to have a family AND continue building their careers. It’s very much a partnership – but unfortunately, a woman’s work in the home can be vastly undervalued.  

If you’ve been the mum and homemaker, you’ve done thousands of hours of unpaid labour. So if your marriage comes to an end, don’t underestimate the contribution you made within it. All that time you carried the load at home, everything you sacrificed for your kids – it’s invaluable. But too often, women walk away from a marriage with less than they’re entitled to. For this reason, there’s a very real risk for divorced women to end up in financial crisis.   

With divorce coaching, women are creating bright, financially stable futures for themselves and their kids post-divorce. 

Could a divorce coach for women help?

Divorce is a challenging life event which brings up many complex emotions. Your instinct may be to settle quickly to avoid confrontation. Or perhaps your anger is propelling you towards acrimonious and protracted court proceedings.  

There’s no judgement – divorce is hard, and overwhelming emotions are par for the course. However, you won’t feel this way forever, so it’s important not to make long-term decisions based on short-term feelings. Decisions made through the lens of hurt, anger, or fear can have a long-term financial impact on you and your children.  

But feelings can’t simply be turned off – especially in the midst of a divorce. You are only human, after all. This is where specialised support can help. Via divorce coaching, women can make important decisions with clarity. 

With the help of your divorce coach, you can plan for your financial future, negotiate the practicalities of co-parenting, build your support network, and put the scaffolding in place to ensure a bright future. 

Woman with her child, able to move on with financial security after divorce

A divorce coach for women who’s been there before

Marg Doherty is not only a certified divorce coach with more than a decade of experience in the legal industry; she has also been through her own divorce. It’s this combination of divorce coaching skills and lived experience that makes Marg an incredible resource for women going through divorce. She has been there. She understands.    

You don’t deserve to be punished for your sacrifices as a homemaker. A fair, equitable divorce that allows you to thrive beyond divorce is possible. Marg offers a range of divorce coaching packages to ensure you get the support you need.