If you are getting divorced, you naturally want the best family lawyer on your case.

But how do you choose?

If you search “Best Family Lawyer in Brisbane” it will bring up all the people who have convinced the internet to rank them for that spot.

But does that make them the best family lawyer for you?  Many people choose their family lawyer based on a recommendation from someone they trust.  That’s a great place to start. But it’s also not the sole criteria.

How do I choose the best family lawyer?

Family Law is not ‘one size fits all’.  There are many experienced family lawyers in Brisbane, all of whom have slightly different styles.

You need to work out who is the best family lawyer in Brisbane for you.

Not coping well with separation?

You may want a family lawyer who takes all the load from you.

Cost is a factor?

You may need a family lawyer who lets you do some of the work.

Already in Court?

How much experience does your lawyer have?  Can they appear in Court or will you have to pay extra for a barrister (which can add a huge cost)?

Domestic violence?

Do you need someone who really understands how difficult some things may be for you?

Young children?

Is it important to you to minimise conflict in your matter?


Look at the lawyer’s website

There are a lot of questions you should think about before you choose your family lawyer.  By all means, jump on Google. But also look around a firm’s website and see what they are really about, before you make that first appointment.

Look at the approach your lawyer takes.

Are they proud of their litigation history?  (Gladiator alert!!)

Or are they a trained mediator and practice collaborative law? (Hint: look for this badge!)





The first appointment with your family lawyer

This is your chance to see if the lawyer you are meeting with really is the best family lawyer for you.

Hopefully, you have been sent some information before your appointment so you can prepare. Maybe a link to some information on their website which might help.

Do I know how to get to the lawyer’s office?Santos Place Hetherington Family Law Brisbane office

What does the building look like?

Where can I park?

It’s stressful enough, without having to worry about things like that.



Then comes the information gathering

  • Does your family lawyer spend more of the appointment talking and asking questions, or listening to you?
  • Do you have to spend time trying to remember long forgotten details of your 20 year relationship? Or have you been given a chance to do that before your appointment?
  • Are they talking about going to Court, or how you can have a divorce without Court?
  • Do you actually get a chance to go through that list of questions you wrote at 4am when you couldn’t sleep?
  • Did the lawyer even ask if you had any questions?


After the first appointment

Take some time to reflect.  Ask yourself some questions:Checklist after you see your family lawyer

  • Was I comfortable with that family lawyer?
  • Did I feel listened to and understood?
  • Do I have a clear understanding of what they are suggesting happens next?
  • Was I  given candid, practical advice (even if it wasn’t what I hoped to hear – that’s a sign of honesty!)
  • Were the fees explained to me?
  • Was I given a cost agreement to take away?
  • Was I introduced to other people in the firm who will be working on my family law case?

and most importantly…

  • Was I given a clear pathway to how my family law matter can be resolved without going to Court?


Is the answer to the all of the above a resounding “YES!”?


If not, regardless of what the internet tells you, this lawyer is probably not the best family lawyer for you.