Help! I Can’t Find a Divorce Lawyer I Connect With

A divorce lawyer that connects with their client

Struggling to find a divorce lawyer you connect with?

Need help finding a divorce lawyer you can genuinely connect with?   

Family law is as personal as it gets for legal disputes. It literally comes close to home and can be very stressful for you. As someone going through a divorce, you want to work with a lawyer that understands you.  

So how can you find the right divorce lawyer that gives you the best legal advice and who also makes you feel comfortable?  

What should you look for in a divorce lawyer?

Your divorce lawyer should be: 

  1. Well-versed in family law: Of course, you want a lawyer that has experience in your matter! They should be able to help you understand your situation and what you can do. 
  2. Offering you all the options: A good lawyer will always give you a variety of ways you can approach your legal dispute. They’ll recommend what best suits your wants as well as the options you may not have thought of straight away.  
  3. Giving you a clear strategy: Going through a divorce isn’t just a document saying that your marriage has now ended. You have to work through property settlements, child arrangements, your businesses, finances going forward – and your stress! Each situation is unique and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Your lawyer should be able to provide you with a clear strategy and timeline without all the legal jargon.  
  4. Realistic and honest: Unfortunately, going to a lawyer doesn’t always mean the result can be completely positive. A good lawyer should be honest about your situation and tell you all the possible outcomes. You don’t want surprises. Being aware of all the possibilities – including those less favourable – means you’re prepared. This can reduce your stress.   
  5. Able to give you value for your money: The right lawyer isn’t just the cheapest lawyer. A lawyer that may seem to have a higher rate should be efficient, flexible, thorough, and considerate of your financial interests. It may mean a lot of saved costs for the future, as cheap lawyers can result in having to spend more money cleaning up legal messes. 
  6. Able to make you feel comfortable: Divorce is a stressful process for most people. Your lawyer should make you feel understood, safe, and comfortable. 

What questions should you ask your divorce lawyer?

The best way to know if a divorce lawyer is right for you is by asking them the right questions. Asking questions will help you understand how reliable and honest your lawyer is.  

Here are some questions you should be asking your lawyer: 

  • What is your experience and specialty? 
  • What is it like getting a divorce and what is the likely course of action? 
  • How will we communicate? How often? 
  • What are the costs? How will I pay? 
  • What process do you think is best to finalise my matter?

These questions will essentially “test” your lawyer and help you determine if they are what you’re looking for. If you feel satisfied with the answers your divorce lawyer gives you, you’ll feel more comfortable working with them going forward. Ask as many questions as you want to before deciding. The divorce process can take time, and you will be spending a lot of time with your lawyer.  

How important is it to feel a “connection” with your divorce lawyer?

Feeling a connection with your lawyer means feeling comfortable and gaining trust in each other. Sorting out separation and divorce can mean divulging a lot of personal information in order to get what you want out of your settlements and agreements after divorce. 

Personal compatibility is important – you and your lawyer want to be on the same page. Just like a doctor, therapist, or tutor, you want someone you get along with! Meet your lawyer in person, consider first impressions and how empathetic they are about your situation. 

Connection between divorce lawyer and their client

What can a divorce coach do for you?

Sometimes getting divorced can make you feel like things are spiralling out of control. A divorce isn’t just a legal issue, it means a big change in your family life.  

That’s why at Divorce Hub, we have Divorce Coach services.  

We make our best decisions with a clear and well-informed mind. All the emotion of divorce can cloud your decision-making and you may regret some divorce outcomes down the line. Divorce coaches can help you take the emotion out of the process, find your voice, and have the confidence to thrive after divorce. 

With a qualified Divorce Coach by your side, you’ll regain control of your situation. Our divorce coaching packages offer a range of supports to meet you where you’re at.  

At Divorce Hub, we care about managing every aspect of your life that is affected by divorce. We are the lawyers you’ll connect with – we’ve been through it ourselves.  

Disclaimer: This is general legal information. For specific advice, please get in touch with Divorce Hub.